Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jedi In Training

So I got back into the gym scene with my buddy Ryan this morning.  A few weeks ago we had started a workout routine, then fell off the cycle because life happened, and now we are ready to hit the ground running again.

The past few times we have been to the gym, we have seen this oddly long and skinny guy with medium length black hair and black rimmed glasses.  We believe this man to be a Jedi in training.  Why?  Because he is training to lift weights with his mind!  Yes... I know it's hard to believe, but we see him sitting on whatever weight machine he gets on, and he just stares at the weights hoping to lift them with his Jedi mind powers!

Who gets up at 6 A.M. or earlier, goes to the gym, and just stares at the weights hoping they will move?  I wish I had the kind of time he does to just wake up early and hang out at the gym for no apparent reason.

Oh, I almost forgot... I am starting my second 90-day challenge on March 1st.  My goal, again, is to lose 30 pounds and this time I am going to build up muscle and get in shape.  Who want's to join the challenge with me?

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