Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All Bills Paid...

... and a clean car!

It was a beautiful day today in OKC.  It was my day off from work, not a cloud in the sky, a cool breeze, sunshine... I wish the weather could be like this year-round!

I managed to get my chores done.  I got all my bills paid, and I washed my car for the first time since December.  My car had multiple layers of dirt and filth and I spent about 20 minutes at one of those car wash places where you do everything yourself with the really long spray gun.

Also today I did some promoting for the Body By Vi challenge.  I'm starting my second 90 days tomorrow and I cannot wait to see the new me this summer!  I am getting a free Transformation Kit from Visalus just for sharing the challenge with others so I will be ready to crush the next 90 days!

A lot of people ask me about this challenge.  They ask me if it's just another diet and I say NO!!!  The Body By Vi challenge is exactly that.... A challenge!  You challenge yourself to accomplish your health goals within 90 days.  If you want to lose weight, take the challenge.  If you want to build lean muscle, take the challenge.  If you want to accelerate your workouts, take the challenge.  If you want to add nutrition to your life, take the challenge.  If you want to make money, take the challenge!!!

Then a lot of people ask me how I get paid.  I just tell them that I get 5 paychecks a month from Visalus.  The company is also awesome enough to have their very own branded debit card, where Visalus actually deposits your earnings straight to the card!  How would you like to get paid an extra 5 times per month on this baby??  (I apologize for the obvious MS Paint work)

Let me show you how you can get one of these cards and get money deposited onto it every Monday and every 15th of the month!  We all know a little extra cash doesn't hurt!  Just go to and fill out my guestbook!

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