Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All Bills Paid...

... and a clean car!

It was a beautiful day today in OKC.  It was my day off from work, not a cloud in the sky, a cool breeze, sunshine... I wish the weather could be like this year-round!

I managed to get my chores done.  I got all my bills paid, and I washed my car for the first time since December.  My car had multiple layers of dirt and filth and I spent about 20 minutes at one of those car wash places where you do everything yourself with the really long spray gun.

Also today I did some promoting for the Body By Vi challenge.  I'm starting my second 90 days tomorrow and I cannot wait to see the new me this summer!  I am getting a free Transformation Kit from Visalus just for sharing the challenge with others so I will be ready to crush the next 90 days!

A lot of people ask me about this challenge.  They ask me if it's just another diet and I say NO!!!  The Body By Vi challenge is exactly that.... A challenge!  You challenge yourself to accomplish your health goals within 90 days.  If you want to lose weight, take the challenge.  If you want to build lean muscle, take the challenge.  If you want to accelerate your workouts, take the challenge.  If you want to add nutrition to your life, take the challenge.  If you want to make money, take the challenge!!!

Then a lot of people ask me how I get paid.  I just tell them that I get 5 paychecks a month from Visalus.  The company is also awesome enough to have their very own branded debit card, where Visalus actually deposits your earnings straight to the card!  How would you like to get paid an extra 5 times per month on this baby??  (I apologize for the obvious MS Paint work)

Let me show you how you can get one of these cards and get money deposited onto it every Monday and every 15th of the month!  We all know a little extra cash doesn't hurt!  Just go to and fill out my guestbook!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jedi In Training

So I got back into the gym scene with my buddy Ryan this morning.  A few weeks ago we had started a workout routine, then fell off the cycle because life happened, and now we are ready to hit the ground running again.

The past few times we have been to the gym, we have seen this oddly long and skinny guy with medium length black hair and black rimmed glasses.  We believe this man to be a Jedi in training.  Why?  Because he is training to lift weights with his mind!  Yes... I know it's hard to believe, but we see him sitting on whatever weight machine he gets on, and he just stares at the weights hoping to lift them with his Jedi mind powers!

Who gets up at 6 A.M. or earlier, goes to the gym, and just stares at the weights hoping they will move?  I wish I had the kind of time he does to just wake up early and hang out at the gym for no apparent reason.

Oh, I almost forgot... I am starting my second 90-day challenge on March 1st.  My goal, again, is to lose 30 pounds and this time I am going to build up muscle and get in shape.  Who want's to join the challenge with me?

Monday, February 27, 2012

This is my first post (and probably my longest)

This is me and my girlfriend Gina at my cousin's wedding.  4 years ago, my cousin James got married to one of the nicest women you could ever meet.  They are such a great couple and it seems as if they have it all... a great relationship, a house, great careers.  I don't think I've ever told Jimmy but I look up to him.  I hope to one day have everything that I want.

So, fast-forward to 2011, I'm at work and my boss introduces me to some diet that he was selling.  At first I was like, "Oh great David is trying to sell this crap to everyone."  I ignored him for about a week or two before I finally gave in, and do you know why I gave in?  I gave in because I needed to give in.  I weighed 298 pounds in late 2011 and I needed to change that.

That picture up there shows my beautiful girlfriend of 4 years and then it shows me right next to her, at around 215 pounds.  I used to play basketball back in the day, but at the time this picture was taken I was not active by any means, but I was at a comfortable weight and lifestyle.  I wanted to get back to the old me.

"How did you gain so much weight?" you ask...  Well, several different factors contributed.  I think now the biggest factor was an event that happened on Wednesday, July 1st 2009.  I will never forget this day.  This was the day my entire life was crumpled up into a ball and tossed in the trash.  This was the day my mother was murdered inside her own home (news story here).

I tried my best to stay strong.  I was the only one in my family that would have to handle talking to the media, the police, the insurance companies, the funeral home, and just about any other person or place I had to deal with.  It was a chaotic circus.  Over the years, I have to admit that depression got the best of me, and sometimes it still does.  I ate my way to comfort and over the next 3 years I would gain nearly 100 pounds... and who knows what other kinds of unhealthy damage was done to my body.

OK, so, anyway... back to this "diet" that I eventually gave in to.  It's called the Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge, and I found out quickly that it was not a diet.  Instead, I found it was a tool to help me reach whatever goals I had to reach.  My initial goal before I started my 90 day challenge was to lose 30 pounds.  It sounded attainable... only 10 pounds per month... easy enough, right?

Alright so I take the challenge and I immediately lose 7 pounds in my first week.  I was all like, "Heck yes!!" and I was suddenly inspired even more.  A month goes by and I'm down 15 pounds... another month goes by and now I'm at 25... the last month goes by and I beat my goal and I have dropped a total of 30.5 pounds!  It wasn't easy, but the dedication was worth it.  I also had help from an amazing team of supporters.  I cannot wait to start my second challenge!

So now, I'm typing this first post on my new blog.  I want to share with the world how amazing this challenge  is and how amazing it has been to me.  I am 30 pounds lighter, I have more energy, I am helping others lose weight, and I have a little extra money in the bank!  I have made new life-long friends and I feel like I am doing more now than I have ever done before.

Thank you for reading my first post.  I promise to keep future posts as short and interesting as possible!  Would you like to take the 90-day challenge with me?  Just go to my web site and check us out!